I would like to add that although fast food may seem cheaper, and it can be more expensive to cook your own food, in general if one prepares food from scratch it is actually cheaper. So instead of just buying frozen foods which would be more expensive than fast foods, if one chose to buy flower and sugar and meats and cook their own food in this manor they would actually save money. I thus think it is more societies desire to become more and more lazy that has allowed for the fast food industry to stay quite profitable in times of economic drought. If people would take the time to learn to make their own food they could save money and take part in something that I still do consider to be an art after this weeks reading, for the ability to create in itself is art in my perspective.


Reflection: Americans generally speaking focus on fast foods. The culture americans live in has programmed them to do everything in a quick manor, because of this, much nutrition and culture is lost amongst the consumption of food. Food producers also focus on making foods as quick as possible. Even when americans sit down in restaurants they are eager to order and receive their food. Thus, they generally do not enjoy just sitting and talking to their company. The assignment that I chose is what made me aware of how many believe that fast food is used because it is cheaper, not because it is more convenient. However, through my response I explained that it is not cheaper to eat in this manor, but because even the food in grocery stores has vastly switched to fast foods (more frozen food items) from the idea of cooking from scratch (no longer can you find ingredients in bulk for instance flour and sugar do not usually come in 25 lb bags anymore). I now am going to try even harder to cook my own meals, not only to save money, but I do not agree with the fast paced world I live in. I want food to be a part of my culture, not something I merely intake for sustenance.


Objective: Consider cultural differences in the production and consumption food.