Perhaps art is not merely an outlet, although this is an excellent theory. Perhaps with the inclusion of art being an outlet, one must also propose that art is a motivator. Art changes in different periods of time as above stated, because in different times people are introduced to different dilemmas, alternative passions, and new inventions. Art is an easier way of getting another’s attention than say a piece of writing. Hence, around the First World War cartoons or comics rather, were introduced as a method of expression. Through these comics it was far quicker and easier to get a point across to a larger population. Thus, art is not only an outlet, not only an expression, but it is a motivator.


Yes that is what I am saying; because of certain ways that art is included in our society it motivates people to do various things. For instance, one could call a movie a piece of artwork. This movie (or artwork) then holds values and opinions of the director (the artist) or film developers (artists), that the viewer absorbs and creates an impact upon. There are other various examples that could be used, but in an essence art can be used as a motivator of one person’s beliefs onto another. For, by looking at a piece of artwork the viewer is undoubtedly impacted by it.


Reflection: By responding to one of my classmates discussion posts, and then re-clarifying myself to prove my thoughts further, I was able to portray that art is a motivator. Thus, the origin of art is not merely what might seem obvious to the common individual: a form of enjoyment or hobby. Instead an origin of art is that it motivates people to pursue other beliefs than they might already have. It is not only an expression or passion, art is an expression or passion designed to influence others to have similar ideals to the artist, or at least to educate others on alternative interests. While coming to this realization, it has changed my outlook on art. I know look more at why the art was created rather than how or the outcome of the piece.


Objective: Consider the origins of art