How do you define spirituality?

Spirituality is anything that is more than one’s self. It is the belief in others around you, it is the belief in importance beyond one’s own personal gain. Spirituality is not an object, but rather the feelings and emotions that attach a person to an outside community.

Does spirituality differ from religion?

For myself, spirituality and religion are one and the same. However, I do believe they can be different. The belief in a religion can be far more restrictive in it’s definition. It can be limited to the desire or belief in a higher power. While spirituality can encompass items on a much smaller scale like the mere attraction to another person or the pleasures of life.

How do you define “creativity?”

I define creativity as the ability to express one’s own images and beliefs in a manor that is meaningful to themselves. For instance, a painter creates the world through his paintbrush and parchment, while a musician expresses his creativity through rhythm and lyrics which establish the musicians own outlook on life.

What is the source of creativity?

The source of creativity is the underlying desire for a person to want happiness, which also stretches to include the desire for meaning for life and hopeful substances beyond death. Through these desires comes the wishes ad dreams of an individual which is then expressed through creative actions. For example, if one desires to be the greatest basketball player in the world, they may write about themselves being the star of the NBA. Or, if one was subject to a bad childhood, they might write about a loving family. So, creativity stems from one’s desires and wishes.