The way I dress almost directly defines who I am as a person. I am a tomboy through and through. I have always taken it upon myself to dress for comfort, and athletic performance, I where men’s jeans, somewhat baggy shirts, and sneakers for almost all occasions. I also keep my hair short so that it wont interfere with my running, and where a hemp necklace to portray my love of the environment. I also where flannel and Carhart clothes too keep warm, which shows off my farming side. I tend to not care too much about what others around me think and a lot of my friends tend to admire me for it. In fact, I find most of my female friends trying to steal my clothing, which I find rather amusing.

All of my family is rather reserved in the way we dress. My entire father’s side of the family dresses in farm clothes because they own a dairy farm, and my mother’s side of the family just where jeans and a t-shirt. We are very casual dressers. My brother and I tend to where a lot of sport related clothes because we are so active, but other than that basically jeans and t-shirts. My family has always been a little old fashioned in the sense that they don’t like to show a lot of skin, as they feel this gives the wrong impression about ones personality. Also, because we are so active, it is much easier to dress for comfort. As far as my peer community, it depends on what group of friends I am with.

Most of the girls in my community where women’s jeans and tight shirts, but they still tend to not where belly shirts, but just regular female cut shirts that cover a decent amount of skin. Most of the community holds a lack of respect for people who dress without much clothing. The men in the community either wear what one might consider skater clothing or farmer clothing. It just depends on what group of people you are talking about. The one good thing about my community is that it is small. Almost everyone knows each other, and thus we hold respect for each other and try to watch out for one another.