This is my response to someone’s comment about a person who has purchases an AT&T 3G Microcell, which is supposed to increase the signal that their iphone receives in their house. The person who has made the purchase thinks they have found a bargain because now they can make calls from their home without risking dropping signal, and while keeping signal while one is on the phone is essential to holding a conversation, a person who commented on this and myself both agree that they are being overcharged, not to mention it only increases their signal on a 40 to 60 foot radius, and they are being charged an additional $150.

“I completely agree with you. AT&T should provide this service at no additional charge. They need to worry about upgrading their service area. It is not the customers responsibility to do this. For example, if we informed them that yes they could get their money, however they would have to go through say a process in order to get it (i.e. they had to contact the bank and set up a system to receive payments, yet there was an extra charge on their end to do so). They would not agree to such a process, for it is the customers job to pay them. Just like it is their job to provide service for the customer,” (my reply).