“Paleoanthropsychobiological” + “Making Special” Sunday, Oct 18 2009 

Describe the term paleoanthropsychobiological. Who coined this term?

Ellen Dissanayake chooses to look at art on a much broader scale than either modern or postmodern arts do, she considers art to be a universal idea. Dissanayake believes that art is ingrained into human behavior, thus causing art to not merely be objects, but to be acts of human performance. She coins the term paleoanthropsychobiological to describe this theory she puts forth of humanistic art. This term describes how art is part of human culture, dating back to the very beginning of human existence, not just recent human civilization. Art is part of the biological makeup of an individual and even allows for an essence that art is part of human’s psychological makeup. Paleoanthropsychobiological refers to the abstract nature of art. So, like before mentioned, art is not an item, not an object, it is a state of mind. An analogy might be that instead of art being a noun it should be the combination of an adjective and a verb. Art is a description and an action, which is developed from already ingrained human traits.

What does Dissanayake mean by the phrase “making special”? How does it relate to art?

Dissanayake uses the phrase “making special” to describe art as an act of making something individual or unordinary, rather than an object one would look upon. The idea of making something special can merely be adding stickers to a remote control. It is a process that humans have used to grow and develop. That is part of what sets humans apart from animals, progression and development. If one makes something better or something special than it is a development from something previous and in the end it is thus a piece of art, and the process of creating it and thinking up the idea was the artwork. To make special is to make art.


Life Values Assessment Sunday, Oct 11 2009 

1) Personal Development, 2) Health, 3) Enjoyment, 4) Wisdom, 5) Personal Accomplishment, 6. Creativity, 7. Security, 8. Prestige, 9. Expertness, 10. Integrity, 11. Wealth, 12. Independence, 13. Loyalty, 14. Leadership, 15. Location, 16.Friendship, 17. Power, 18. Family, 19. Service, 20. Community

Unfortunately I do not spend as much time focusing on my top five values, as I would like. Most of my days currently are spent working, which does cause personal development and personal accomplishment, however, not in the ways that I would necessarily desire. Also, because of my current schedule my health and enjoyment have suffered. The one good thing about working a lot is that I am focusing a lot on my wisdom. At least in regards to the environment I am constantly dealing with. If I look back on my life thought, I used to treat my values as they are listed, with my attention focusing on my more important goals. I need to change my current habits to be more like they were before, unfortunately this may require me to give up some time working, which may not be possible at the moment.

Most of my belief patterns have not been inherited from my family, as we were never close. The one that does stick out though is my work ethic. Which judging by my last paragraph may not be the one that is most important to me, however it is the most prominent in my life (which is interesting). Most goals I have for myself I am constantly in pursuit of achieving. There really are not any that I have yet to pursue. Perhaps this is because I generally set a very limited amount of goals at one given time that way I can focus on them and achieve them, and then I move on to new goals.

Review: AT&T 3G MicroCell Sunday, Oct 4 2009 

This is my response to someone’s comment about a person who has purchases an AT&T 3G Microcell, which is supposed to increase the signal that their iphone receives in their house. The person who has made the purchase thinks they have found a bargain because now they can make calls from their home without risking dropping signal, and while keeping signal while one is on the phone is essential to holding a conversation, a person who commented on this and myself both agree that they are being overcharged, not to mention it only increases their signal on a 40 to 60 foot radius, and they are being charged an additional $150.

“I completely agree with you. AT&T should provide this service at no additional charge. They need to worry about upgrading their service area. It is not the customers responsibility to do this. For example, if we informed them that yes they could get their money, however they would have to go through say a process in order to get it (i.e. they had to contact the bank and set up a system to receive payments, yet there was an extra charge on their end to do so). They would not agree to such a process, for it is the customers job to pay them. Just like it is their job to provide service for the customer,” (my reply).


Hello world! Sunday, Oct 4 2009 

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